Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Cuddly Room.

I've gone on an on about Jack's love for teddies in the past, but I feel compelled to write a little about it again.

Recently Jack has almost doubled his roster of plush toys and he couldn't be any happier with himself. But it also meant that his bedroom is a tad on the crowded side at night. One night while getting Jack ready for bed Helen noticed that she literally couldn't see the floor for the teddies. So Jack picked his favorites, Dyan, Bagpuss and a couple others and Helen moved the rest into the spare bedroom.

A couple days later Jack wandered into the spare bedroom after spying one of his teddies. He immediately started relocating every teddy he could find into the room so they could all have a great big cuddle in the newly declared 'Cuddle Room'.

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