Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Off we go.

The day has finally arrived. This afternoon we're packing up and heading to Manchester for the night in preparation for our Saturday morning flight to the U.S. 13 hours confined to a seat on an airplane with Jack. How hard can it possibly be? We're taking movies, games, books, and everything else we could think of to keep him occupied, lets just hope it's enough.

This trip has been on the cards for 6 months. Jack has been getting gradually more excited, I think he's still pretty convinced that America is on another planet. He's looking forward to meeting Grandma and Grandpa and with any luck he'll meet his sister as well. I'm looking forward to him seeing his grandparents again and meeting all of his cousins, many of whom are of similar age. I'm looking forward to showing him all the things that I knew when I was growing up, like toosie-pops.

Jack is taking Dylan with him. We figured with the eminent jet-lag anything that would help Jack get to sleep should come with us. We've even gone to the trouble to get a teddy bear passport for him... Oh the things parents do.

So armed with his favorite teddy, a brand new Ben10 holiday bag that he's packed himself Jack is taking to the skies. America here we come. You would do well to stock up on lollipops.

I threw a little video together this morning as well.

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  1. We're going to rock his little world! Travel safe and we'll see you all soon.