Thursday, 10 December 2009

Take this toy.

The other night Jack and I had a problem with bed time. Helen was out at a concert so we were on our own, which is pretty typical for a Tuesday night.

7 o'clock rolled around so Jack and I prepared for his bed time with his usual routine, we always let him take 1 toy of his choice to bed with him as it helps distract him from the scary darkness. This time it was Star Wars. Star Wars is a McDonald's R2D2 toy that he's acquired with his Nanny that very afternoon, so it was no surprise that it was the bed time choice. The toy projects a red light on the wall showing a picture of some of the Star Wars characters. There's a little dial on the back that changes the picture.

Bed time went as usual, wash, story, wee and goodnight. About 7:30 Jack called me up.
What is it?
I can't find Star Wars
Jack you know I don't like coming up for toy related problems.
I know, don't take it away, just find it. I can't find it.

As I often do I gave him 1 freebee and located the toy in his tangle of blankets. On my way out of his room I reminded him that if I had to come up again for a toy problem I was taking the toy. Jack agreed and I went back downstairs.

Another 30 minutes passed, I could hear jack upstairs waging war on the other toys in his room, when he called me again.
Go to sleep please.
Daddy I can't find him again.
Jack if I come up there I'm just going to take him away
There was silence for a minute. Here he is.
Go to sleep Jack.

Another 30 minutes passed and the war raged on. It was 8:30ish by this point and usually when he's up for this long it means that the real fun is about to start. I'd decided by this point that projector toys to not make good bed fellows. As I readied myself to go upstairs and bring an end to the war he called me up again.
Daddy. his tone was different this time. There was an element of impatience in there somewhere. Already prepared to do so, I headed straight up to his room.
What is it?
I can't find him again. I thought this a bit odd as Star Wars was sat on the floor in front of his bed. I picked it up and prepared to explain to him that I was taking it with me this time and why. You can take it away now.
I want you to take it away now... please. A little flabbergasted, I had to ask.
What's wrong with it?
I don't like it anymore. Take it away.
Ok. Why don't you like it?
Because it makes this picture now and I don't like it. I pushed the button to make it project, a picture of an Ewok appeared on the wall and Jack hid under his blanket. It's too scary.

I kissed him good night and headed back downstairs, the offending toy in hand. I thought about what had taken place and was impressed by Jack's use of the system to get what he wanted, I must remember this for when he's about 13. Jack fell asleep within the next ten minutes. I set the toy on the table and Jack's not touched it since.

I guess it is a somewhat grim looking picture if I'm honest.

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