Thursday, 24 December 2009

Cleaning with a Superhero

It's Christmas which means it's time to tidy. With the eminent arrival of visitors and new assets we always spend Christmas week tidying the house up. Mostly we go through and throw away everything that we can bare to lose.

Yesterday we got to the living room, which as the main room in the house it's usually the most untidy. Jack and I started by tidying up his toys. Within a few minutes we'd located a my ski goggles, which he'd adopted a few days before. I suddenly found myself cleaning along side Speedy-boy, a very fast running and talkative protector of all that is good and tidy. I got various demonstrations of his speed, mostly running back and forth to the kitchen, and I got a little singing as well.

After speeding off to show Mommy his new persona he flashed back into the living room to help me tidy. He'd grown tired of the name Speedy-boy and announced that he's changed it.

It's time to get serious, Faster-boy and Cleaning-Daddy are here!

I'd been side-kicked by a 3 year old.

Faster-boy was just as fast but less talkative than his alter-ego but he was more interested in the job at hand. He requested jobs to do and he more or less completed them all. Afterwards he settled on the chair and supervised until another metamorphosis got the better of him.

Daddy I'm not Faster-boy anymore I'm Zoomin-boy.

This hero is more of the hand-off type of hero. He sits back and watches TV while the side-kick does all the work.

Toward the end we had a combination of all three, he made his way up the stairs where he nearly me met his end due to a brain infecting monster.

I made some recordings. It's not hugely clear but I tried.

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