Sunday, 20 December 2009

Footprints in the snow.

Jack and I took Bruno out for a walk around the block, with his recent surgery we've been restricted to keeping him on the lead for a few days.

It snowed a little last night and while we were walking Jack admired the many footprints left on the sidewalks. He kicked and stepped in them as we walked until we turned around to head back home.

Daddy, where did those footprints come from?
People left them here when they went out walking, just like we're doing now.
Can we find people that left them?
No, they've gone home or wherever they were going by now.
Look at all these great footprints they left for me to step in. And I steppin in then. STEP STEP STEP.
They're pretty good.
Are we leaving footprints?
Yes we are, just look.

We stopped and I pointed out several of our footprints.

Can you make a footprint now so I can see?

I found a clear spot and pressed my shoe into the snow then carefully lifted it out again to make sure the footprint was nice and clear. Jack squatted down to get a closer look. After a quick examination he stood up and looked at me.

That's terrible. That's a terrible footprint Daddy.

As we walked home be carried on muttering to himself about the quality of my footprint.

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