Sunday, 3 February 2013


I don't remember when in was exactly, longer than a month ago, but less than six months.

We were at Tesco doing our family shop. Jack had taken a toy in and was playing with it as we walked around the store.

Eventually the store became part of Jack's little story and the toy began climbing and leaping from the shelves and the cart shouting challenges like "You'll never catch me" and the like. At one point Jack's toy began climbing one of the dangling displays. As I walked past I urged Jack not to mess with this type of display as he might knock it down. With my hand I plucked the toy off the display.
as he fell to his death...

I must admit I did feel bad.


  1. You destroyer of plastic and children's dreams. You should be ashamed...(How did you make the letters change sizes like that...must have taken some time.)

  2. Didn't take any time at all, I just changed me font size as I typed.