Sunday, 10 February 2013

The new room

For a while now we've been thinking about moving Jack out of his tiny little shoebox of a room. We have a guest bedroom that's quite a bit bigger and it doesn't get used very much. So we deliberated and then got to it.

We gave Jack some control over the design and spent a lot of time talking him out of black walls. He decided initially on a underwater theme, he wanted sharks and jellyfish on the walls and black sand colored carpet and an "Atlantic Blue" feature wall, his vision was really quite specific. Sadly we couldn't get the undersea life pictures so instead we've gone for space. We've got glow in the dark stars and some wall transfers of the planets and shuttles and other spacey things and we kept the "Atlantic Blue" feature wall.

We spent a weekend decorating and a ridiculously long time acquiring the furniture. His current bed is too small so we've got him a single size cabin bed with a desk underneath it. We've also got him a single fold out futon chair/bed thing and a new chest of drawers. Piece by piece over the last couple of weeks the room has come together.

This weekend the futon chair arrived. I built it while Jack was at school. Jack road tested the chair as a fold out bed that night. The following morning his mattress arrived Helen helped him put up the space pictures and glowing stars and then Jack's new room was complete and he's moved in. He's a happy boy.

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