Sunday, 7 October 2012

Not even the soul can escape

Jack and I, from time to time, discuss astrophysics. It's something of a study hobby of mine and Jack finds it very interesting to think about. He goes through phases where he'll relentlessly ponder something we've discussed in the past until he feels he understands it fully. This morning he was in one of those phases. Whilst walking to school Jack started enquiring about the end of the world, then sun and how long we had until it burned out. I assured him that we had a long long, long long time before the sun burned out so he needn't worry about it.
Yeah we'll all be dead by then anyway.
Long dead.

We the moved on to the andromeda galaxy and the fact that it's on a collision course with the milky way. Again I assured him that it w a long way off.
We'll probably be even deader by then.
Yes probably.
Is there a black hole in anromega?
Yep, right in the middle, sucking everything up.
So when we crash together will we be sucked in?
Eventually everything will, there's a black hole in our galaxy as well.
And we could get sucked into that.
Eventually yes.
I don't want to get sucked into a black hole.
Yeah it would suck. *badum chi*
Because then you wouldn't get to go to heaven.
You wouldn't?
No you would be stuck in the black hole. Nothing can escape a black hole, not even light. Your ghost would just get sucked in and stay there in the black hole for ever and ever. You'd never be able to escape.

I thought about that for a minute... Could a soul escape a black hole? Religion and philosophy aside, if your soul exists, assuming it's made of energy, then it has mass, all mass is affected by gravity...
I think I need to get in touch with Professor Hawking.

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