Sunday, 30 September 2012


80 calories each
Imagine my delight when we came across Rocky Mountain Mega Marshmallows, and tootsie rolls as well, in our local supermarket the other day, and we were just about to go camping as well.

One of the most common questions I get ask when people find out I'm American is, What are s'mores. S'mores are considered something of a myth in the UK and I can see why. S'mores are regularly mentioned on television shows but rarely actually seen, if they are seen their appearance can vary from something resembling a gloppy brown sandwich to a marshmallow in a hotdog bun, one guy I spoke to reckoned it was a pie. The only consistent fact that the British can decipher without actually looking it up, and be honest why would they, is that it got roasted marshmallows in it. But we Americans seem to love the stuff as we're suggesting making them whenever we see or even discuss the possibility of an open flame.

I've come to accept that the answer to that question brings about both puzzlement and disappointment. The British have a very different approach of desserts than Americans, where Americans go for flavour  richness and generally sweetness, the British go more for texture, much richness and sweetness are generally not well received. So when I explain how one goes about making a s'more the response I typically get is, "so it's really sweet then?"

Due to a long series of poor preparation we found ourselves roasting our marshmallows over our gas hob in the kitchen. We spread nutella over a couple of graham crackers, though digestive biscuits would have done just fine, and then smashed the marshmallow between them. 

Just like my mama makes.

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