Sunday, 12 August 2012

Loose Toof

While drying Jack after his bath a few weeks ago Helen noticed that one of Jack's teeth is starting to come loose. We all had a look and confirmed that there was a slight amount of back and forth movement.

Jack is very excited because loose teeth means tooth-fairy and that means money and Jack looooves money. He's often talked about the fortune that he will eventually amount with his teeth. Apparently his teeth get more valuable as you lose them. So by the time you get to the last few, they're worth up to £20... I suppose we'll see.

Yesterday Helen inspected the aforementioned tooth again after Jack had complained that it was sore at dinner time. We'd been keeping track of the tooth's stability which had remained unchanged as yet. We had a look at found quite a bit more movement, movement in more than one dimension. We're attributing the additional looseness to Jack's recent 'football to face' incidents at football school...

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