Sunday, 5 August 2012

Jack's playlist

Jack has quite a varied taste in music. He tends to favour rock and pop but really he just likes anything that's got a good groove.

When Jack is working or concentrating on something or he thinks no one is listening he quite often breaks into song. He'll sing out the one line he remembers over and over again until he remembers another part of the song or stumbles across a different song.

He tells me that at school they play music while the kids tidy up their activity stations. Apparently Glad You Came by The Wanted always slows down Jack's tidying on account of his inability to resist boogying down.

When he washes the dishes at home we put the radio on so he can have a little dance while he scrubs. He tries to sing along even though he very often hasn't heard the songs before. He says it's easy. You just have to follow the song.

I managed to make a recording of one of the singing sessions.

His favourite songs for summer 2012 are:

Clint Eastwood - the Gorillaz
Zombie Jamboree - Rockapella
Make me wanna die - The Pretty Reckless
TNT - AcDc
Glad You Came - The wanted
Monster - The Automatic
Been caught stealing - Jane's Addiction
Sexy and I know it - LMFAO
Oo de lally - Robin Hood Soundtrack
Even Flow - Pearl Jam

In case you're not familiar with some of these songs I've created a playlist for your perusal.

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