Sunday, 8 August 2010

Magic this Please

Jack came up to me and handed me a 5 pence coin. Can you magic this Daddy? I took the coin and rubbed it into my elbow until it disappeared. Jack laughed and immediately looked in my ear where these vanished coins always seem to turn up. Now make it dirty.

Jack loves magic. On our last camping trip Jack carried around one of Phoebe's acrylic gemstones and used it to distribute magic powers to everyone he could find, there was a monster that needed defeating you see.

Magic is tricky with children because they don't get that it's a trick and no one wants to ruin it for them by explaining how it works. So like with a certain jolly gentile incarnation we play along until they yank on the beard.

The only problem is keeping the act fresh. Though Jack usually asks for the same tricks over and over again I like to mix it up now and again for the sake of my own sanity. I know quite a few slight-of-hand tricks and I've got a couple of magic kits that I've yet fully explore. So from a strictly research point-of-view I'm covered for quite a while. Saying that my repertoire has grown more due to the mistakes than anything else. Sometimes the coin doesn't appear in my ear or anyone else, sometimes it was in my sleeve, or on the floor, one time it was still in my hand. Jack asking me to make the coin dirty is the result of my dropping a particularly shiny penny during one show and replacing it with another of a lesser polish quality when he wasn't looking.

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