Sunday, 30 May 2010

Turtle eating monster gobbling rescue turtle.

Helen and I had just picked up Jack from nursery. On the drive home he was sat in the back of the car playing with a Ninja Turtle that Nanny had bought him the day before when he suddenly declared, I'm going to be a rescue turtle when I grow up.
Really? That sounds like a good job. Are you a turtle that rescues everyone, or do you just rescue turtles?

I just rescue the turtles from the monster that's trying to eat them up.

Ooh, sounds like they need rescuing.

I'm going to rescue them, I'll be at home, and the phone will ring. I'll pick it up and say "Hello." and they'll say "Oh help us there's a monster and he's gobbling us all up." and I'll say "I'll be there in a minute." and the I'll go out and gobble up the monster.

So you'll rescue the turtles from the turtle eating monster by eating the monster?

Yes I'll gobble him all up.

So there it is, Jack's latest career move. I wonder if there's a  turtle eating monster gobbling class at the local college.

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