Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's Hero Time.

Jack has been wearing his Omnitrix all day today. He wore it yesterday as well, and through the night. We almost had a tantrum when I insisted that we take it off for bath time.

Jack's love for the watch was recently rekindled by his new Monday
session at nursery. A boy at nursery named Alex has for the last two
weeks been wearing his omnitrix. Jack tells me all about it when he
gets home.

Alex has an OMNITRIX! But it doesn't turn him into any aliens, it's
just a toy.

Shortly after arriving home Jack dug out his omnitrix, it's nothing
like Alex's. Jack's is only a fabric wristband with the Ben10 logo
stamped on it. It doesn't turn Jack into any aliens either he tells
me, but there is one that does turn you into aliens down at the shop,
Santa is apparently bringing him one of those next Christmas...

Jack never misses an opportunity to use his omnitrix, toy or not. If there's any situation in which Jack thinks he can be helpful he'll promptly name his choice of alien, dial it in, an slap it down shouting "It's hero time!" Usually Jack picks Fourarms, or Jetray. In which case he'll run around the room flexing his muscles or pretending to fly. Lately we've been getting bouts of Echo-Echo which results in a series of very loud, drawn out and high pitched shrieks. It's just as fun as it sounds. Thankfully the watch times out eventually and Jack is restored back to being a regular boy, that doesn't shriek.

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