Saturday, 2 January 2010

Cabin Fever...

Jack is sitting in his chair right now singing Daddy-soogie-saddo and other variations at me. He's forever making up words. Helen and I attribute this to our calling him Jackaroo and such names.

The Christmas period has been a little strange for us. I've been off work for almost three weeks and Helen's been off for two. His Nanny has taken the time off as well so Jack's usual two days with her have been spent with us.

We've managed to stay pretty busy but on some days there's been a real lack of activities for us to do at home after the first week or so. Put it down to money, or travel conditions or whatever. Jack's had to come up with ways to entertain himself a little more than usual. The last few days we've really started to see the effects, everything is closed and it's very cold outside so aside from the occasional 30 minutes spent at the park we've been house bound. He's like a caged lion.

Yesterday Jack was a dog for a good couple hours. I played fetch with him for quite a while. He's been a doggy before, but never for this long.

This morning he told me that his snake was scared and needed a place to hide. He was scared of Mommies. Zombie mommies.
They have terrible claws and long tails and bad skin and and wipes all over their bodies...

I'm taking him out swimming this morning. He says that swimming is boring despite raving about it when his Nanny takes him on a Wednesday, besides he's just zipped upstairs and demanded that Helen get him dressed. So even if swimming his boring he's obviously still planning on going. I think he just wants out of the house.

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