Sunday, 7 June 2009

2 Tales of 1 Jack

At Alton Towers they have a new attraction called Wobble World. It's basically a really big bouncy castle.
Adults are discouraged from entering so I stuck to the sidelines and watched.

The staff were playing a game of catch with one of of the little girls. Jack is a sucker for a ball game so once he noticed them he had to get involved. So with a little coy look he approached and asked if he can play, "Me now!"
The staff obliged and tossed him the little yellow ball. Jack laughed and swung the ball around. After a little gentle coaxing from the staff he tossed the ball back. This carried on for a few throws until the ball found it's way to another staff member who took it upon herself to change the game.

Staff 1: Give us our ball back.
Staff 2: No it's mine now.
Jack and Girl: Give us our ball.
Staff 2: How about this ball. (she held up a green ball.
Staff 1 Jack and Girl: Not that ball. Ours was yellow.
Staff 2: You can have this one.
Staff 1 Jack and Girl: We want the yellow one.
Staff 2: OK, here you go. (she throws the green ball to Jack)
Jack is thrilled and bounces around the castle, while Staff 1 and Girl continue the debate. Finally Staff 2 gives in a throws them the yellow ball.
The game resumes and Jack re appears asking to be included.
After one toss Jack's way it occurs to Staff 2 that Jack only has one ball in hand and it's not the green ball.

Staff 2: Where's the green ball?
Jack: I don't have it.
Staff 2: Where did it go.
Jack: I don't know.
Staff 2: Shall we look for it?
Together they go for a little tour around the bouncy castle looking for the green ball with no success. She asks and asks and does everything she can think of to get Jack to tell her where the green ball is but he doesn't budge, either he can't remember or he's just not telling. A few seconds later another little boy appears with the green ball in hand. There's a little cheer and the game resumes this time including the new player. After a few tosses the green ball is picked up by Jack and once again Staff 2 comes to a realization.
Staff 2: Where's the yellow ball?
Jack: I don't know.

Not 5 minutes later another little situation develops. With the addition of more children to the game, some as old as 5 or 6, Catch clearly wasn't going to work anymore. So Staff 1 changes the game to a game of fetch.

Staff 1: I'm going to throw the ball and whoever gets it first throws it again and so on and so on.
The ball is thrown. Kids scrambled in every direction, giggling and pushing and all that goes with it, except Jack who, much to my amusement, was still sat patiently waiting. Not so much as a flinch.

Staff 1: Go get it, get the ball.
Jack: No you throw it.
Staff 1: Go find it, hurry.
Jack: No you throw it first.

Jack was exactly right, Staff 1 had only pretended to throw the ball.
I blame myself for this one, Jack and I have played variations of fetch his whole life, and I never throw it on the first go. I can't tell if he's just stopped falling for it or what, but it made me smile.

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