Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What Ice Cream?

To set the scene.

We just finished our dinner and Jack and I are eating ice cream when Helen, not a big ice cream fan, comes in with a jam covered bun.
Jack of course takes immediate interest and conversation goes like this.

Jack: What you got?
Mommy: I've got a bun.
Jack: Can I have a bite?
Mommy: No you've got ice cream.
Jack: What ice cream?
Mommy: You and Daddy have ice cream, I have a bun.
Jack: There's no ice cream. (during this Jack is continuously eating his ice cream)
Mommy: It's right there.
Jack: I don't see any ice cream.
Mommy: You're eating it right now.
Jack: I can't see it anywhere.
Mommy: It's right there, it's on your spoon.
Jack: (holding up a spoonful) You mean this?
Mommy: Yes.
Jack: This not ice cream.

I can't quite recall how it ended, I was too busy laughing.

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