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Stories from way back when.

05-08-2009 - I stumbled across this post from back in 2009 that doesn't seem to have ever made it on here.
So here it is.

Lately we're getting little stories.
Once upon a time there were three bears. Little bears, little teeny weeny bears. And I'm Jack.
This is the first story that Jack ever told. Loosely based on the three bears but I don't think we're in any threat of legal action.

Once apon a time where were three Jack-Jacks. They can fly. They all fly together. They fly really really high. 
Jack-Jack is a toy figurine of Yellow Jacket, probably the lamest semi-superhero every conceived. But one of Jack's favorite toys.

When I'm a big boy I'm going to get a car. And if you need me nanny just call and I'll come straight 'round. For anything at all, even shopping. And it's going to be green.

This is baby-ceritops, he's just a little baby, aw. He's sad. He's lost his mommy.
Usually the story ends there, but often in the case of baby-ceritops he does find his mommy.

These stories puzzle me a little bit, in fact a lot of his stories do. Jack is a very happy child most of the time, ask anyone. Yet a lot of his stories are sad. Children losing their mothers, things getting broken and so on. It's strange for me to think that my 2 year old can even conceive a sad story. I suppose because most stories that he's heard have some sort of trauma in them it's just natural development but it still seems a little strange to me.

There's another string of narratives we get from Jack is rescues. These are often short dialogs recited when he's playing, each character even has a different voice.
Helicoptor: Hello.
Victim: Hello.
Helicoptor: Are you... Do you need recuing?
Victim: Yes I need rescuing.
Helicopter: Oh.
Victim: Can you rescue me?
Helicoptor: Yes I can rescue you.
Victim: Oh.
Helicoptor: OK. I'll come and rescue you in a minute.

Dream Stories.
Last night Jack had a dream. It doesn't sound much like a bad dream but it woke him up in the middle of the night, and then he told me all about it in the morning.
There were bugs, lots of bugs. Lots and lots and they flied me away. They flied me away to their hole where I chased them. He then proceedes to demonstrate the various chasing and fighting methods used against the bugs.

Jack is no stranger to a bad dream. We have a few nights disturbed by terrified screams. Normally the bad dreams are monster related. He'll tell us about monsters coming to get him, or roaring at him. Sometimes he dreams about Mommy or Daddy shouting at him, which I must say is really hard to take.

The ghost has even made an appearence a couple of times. Helen and I are convinced that our house is haunted part-time. But that's a story for another time, no-good football stealing... anyway, Jack has dreams that the ghost, often referred to as 'The Man' or 'The Little Man' has come into his room and looked at him. Once the ghost scared him pretty good, Jack didn't tell us what the ghost did to scare him so but he didn't want to sleep in his room alone for almost a week afterwards. But generally The Man just comes in and looks at him.

There are good dreams as well. One time when I came to bed late, I checked on Jack as normal. When I opened the door he sat up, every parents worst nightmare. It was too dark to see if his eyes were open or get much of an idea of just how awake he really was but not wanting to take the chance that he'd go into a fit if I just tried to slip out I carried on as I normally would during a bed-time check. I quietly laid him back down in his bed and pulled the quilt over him.  On my way out of the room he spoke, I thought I was going to be in for a sleepless night at first until I heard what he was saying.
Mmmm that's nice. Yummy Yummy in my tummy. Num Num Num

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