Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Job as a Dishwasher


A week or so ago Jack rather unexpectedly said,

I'd like to do some things to help around the house. Maybe earn a little money.

We've put this down to a story that Jack likes where a boy saves and saves his money to buy a special toy. Jack has been trying to save his money for a little while but he has a hard time resisting things like Moshis that are always within his price range. It seems that his solution to this problem is to get more money.

This is something that Helen and I have been thinking about for a while. He's six this year and could really start doing some chores and should maybe get some sort of allowance.

So we thought up a quick plan.

We employed Jack to wash the plastic dishes, these are the dishes that are washed by hand every day because they are used every day, and the don't do well in the dishwasher. The terms of Jack's employment were laid out and agreed to by both parties. Jack would wash these dishes every day for a daily salary of 20p. Every Sunday he would be paid a lump sum, and if there are no incidents, such as complaining or having to be told more than once, then he would get a small bonus of 60p. Failure to complete the task will result in the loss of that day's wage, multiple failures will result in termination... Excellent performance will result in other positions being made available.

Jack has taken to his job with enthusiasm. He's been doing the job for a week now and we've not had any problems. He got paid in full on Sunday and got his bonus. He was very proud of himself. He says he's saving up for an Ultimate Optimus Prime but we'll see how well he can hold on to his cash with all those Moshis around.

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  1. Child labor laws apply here. Does he get regular breaks, insurance and overtime?