Sunday, 27 November 2011


Jack is finally five years of age. Just a few months ago if you mentioned the prospect of turning five he'd break out into tears. Being four has been hard for him he spent most of the year wishing he could be three again. Life was easier when I was three. Gradually as his birthday neared though he began to get very excited. He still wishes he could be three again but he's ok with being five. I think he was afraid that he'd wake up as a five- year-old and find himself six feet tall and hairy chested.

Some of the kids early on.
We threw a party for him at a local church hall. We were tired of the wacky warehouse parties that we've attened every weekend for the last month so we thought we'd go for something different. Jack picked the theme, 'spooky costumes' because he's into dead things. No vampires though because they're really scary.

The spooky cake Helen made.
So we invited the kids, acquired appropriate confectionery, constructed party bags and made a cake.

The party was a big hit, Fortyish little ghouls arrived and a good time was had by all. There was dancing and eating and a magic show. The kids were talking about it for ages. One brother and sister even invented a new game called 'Jack's Party' where they play out the events with each other. Another has decided since that she wants to learn magic. Every couple of days I get pulled aside by a patent wanting to tell me what a good time their child had and that it's changed their life in some way.
Jack was dressed in a hat a glasses to help with the magic.

Jack made off like a bandit as well nearly all of the kids brought him presents. He's gradually working them, he's about half way.
Some of them are really fun toys and need a lot of playing.

This is about 1/2 what he got
His actual birthday was a much quieter affair. We unwrapped his presents after schools and went out for a nice dinner. He was a little disappointed because he wanted his friends to come to his real birthday as well, but he got through it.
The two favorites.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jack! Adell will tell you that being 5 was great! Looks like you had a spooky party! Wish we could have been there!