Sunday, 14 November 2010

Little Monkeys Walking in the Hills


Jack and I try to walk the dogs as often as possible. Our usual trek is a three quarter mile circuit around Hednesford Hills just up the road from our house.

Jack isn't a big fan of the walks as you can imagine. His mood when the initial announcement of the walk is made tells of how much of a fight we're in for. He complains for the duration of the walk that he's bored or tired or more commonly that is legs don't bend in the middle.

Some days aren't so bad, possibly he's just resigned to his fate a little easier, these are the days we have our most insightful conversations. Sometimes we talk about hugely complicated issues such as school, autumn, hot-air balloons, the speed of sound, planetary alignment etc. Sometimes he just walks along in his own little world talking to himself or singing songs. Today he was singing.

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