Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Dentist

Jack has been to the dentist a number of times. Not just for checkups either. His molars are very weak and prone to decay, so at the age of 3 Jack has already had 4 fillings and still needs one more.

Jack isn't afraid of the dentist. He likes sitting in the big moving chair, seeing all the dentists tools and getting a balloon and sticker at the end. The only problem that Jack has with the dentist is, as he says He puts things in my mouth and they don't taste very nice.

Obviously Jack doesn't like the anesthetic needle. Our dentist takes the approach of hiding the needle from Jack and having him close his eyes while the injection took place. I've got no problem with this approach thought it's flaw came to light pretty quickly because Jack's curiosity got the better of him and he captured himself a glimpse of the needle. So the dentist still had to explain what it was in the most non-frightening way possible. He described it as some sort of cleaning sprayer, I'm not sure jack believed him. He had to give the Novocain in two sittings because Jack wouldn't sit long enough for the dentist to complete the injection. Pain is pain no matter how it's described.

Once the dentist was satisfied with the injection we struggled on through the rest of the appointment but came pretty quickly to the next hurdle. The dentist tried several times to start up the drill but each time Jack wouldn't let it near him. A number of tactics were employed, he explained that it's really only a special tooth brush and he's going to use it to brush Jack's germy tooth and that it wouldn't hurt, he slowed it way down and vibrated it against Jack's thumb which Jack really liked. After each stop and subsequent conversation Jack would calmly lay back and open his mouth only to jump up and start swatting once the drill got close saying Not so fierce.

It then occurred to me what the problem was. I explained to the dentist that Jack doesn't like loud noise. After a quick thought we came up with a plan. Jack sat through the reminder of the appointment with his eyes clamped shut, mouth open wide and both hands held tightly over his ears. I only wish I'd thought to take a picture.

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