Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Who do yo love?

Jack is a flirt. Put him in front of a pretty girl and he's suddenly little Mr. Charming. He does all his little dances, tells all of his stories, grinning and giggling his way into the girl's heart.

The most recent encounter was with the daughter of the man we purchased our folding camper from. She was probably around ten years old and came out with us to spend her last few moments in her treasured camper. While she was there Jack tried everything to catch her eye. He danced and joked and told her all about his toys and the things he's done. She laughed at him but I'm not sure if she was very impressed. He was talking so fast that I'm not sure she understood much of what he was saying.

Then there's the playgroup girls. Mia, Phoebe and Izzy. Jack doesn't generally spend much time trying to woo these three. Jack loves Mia, if you ask him he'll tell you, and Mia loves Jack one third of the time, the rest of the time she loves Scott or Alfie, but there isn't much beyond that. Occasionally he'll be a little extra nice to them, usually with sharing his toys, but in general they don't have much novelty.

This weekend Jack was desperately excited because he knew that we were off to meet Meghan. Meghan is Jack's favorite pretty girl and he'll do pretty much any for her, or anything she says.
We arrived in Bewdley, the designated meeting town, and instantly we set out Meghan hunting. I knew she and her mom were going to be a little while still so I tried my best to get him interested in the other things going on while we waited. It worked in short spurts, he liked the boats, there was a rowers race going on, I don't think he really understood the race, after each race he'd announce "They won!" and then look for Meghan. After he finished his snack he said, "Can we find Meghan now?" None of my distractions lasted for more than five minutes or so before Meghan was back in his thoughts.
The the moment arrived. We spotted Meghan walking up the road. Jack fell into a fit of giggles and then took cover behind me. As Meghan approached I pushed him in her direction. With a encouragement Jack gathered his courage and approached her, be it all without his neck. Much to his delight Meghan greeted him with a big hug and a kiss, all his doubts melted away and little Mr. Charming surfaced.

Jack spent the lunch hours dancing, gabbing, and reciting nursery rhymes, especially 'Round the Garden' which he took to be her favorite. He took every hug or kiss that Meghan offered and loyally held her hand as we walked up and down the canal.

Jack was sad when we said goodbye and asked several times over the trip home if Meghan was coming home too. He was disappointed that she wasn't coming home with us but took comfort in our promise that we would see her again really soon.

Jack loves all the pretty girls, but Meghan holds a special place in his heart.

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