Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Games He Plays

Jack has a variety of games that he likes to play. Some of which he's learned at nursery and seems to have adapted to his own taste, some he's learned from us or the play-group, and some he's just seems to have made up.

I just want to write some of them down because he's growing very quickly and these things are easy to forget. Jack's named each game himself and has made up all the rules.

His current favorite is Race, he's had me playing it with him all afternoon, and his poor Nanny all day long apparently. This game is an adaptation of a running game we play with the kids at the end of play group on Friday.
He yells, ARMS UP, then counts, or recites colors, then GO! And we run, and run, and run. We don't go any where in particular, usually just from the family room to the kitchen and back again. He used to giggle and laugh all the while and usually keeps in front of you but today he was a car, and we had to be cars as well. We got in trouble if we made the wrong car noises, stopped running or slowed too much. There's an adaptation to this game called Chase Me. It has a striking resemblance to Race only there's more monster noises involved. Chase Me is almost always followed up with Chase Daddy which he'll play all day.

Another favorite is Hide, this one is fairly new, he's been playing it for about a week now. Basically, we hide somewhere, anywhere, usually under the dining room table or under a blanket or towel. Mostly the game amounts to Jack and I crouching under the table for one to fifteen minutes while Jack plays with whatever toy he's taken or examines the underside of the chairs. Sometimes, he'll ask me or Helen to come find him, which is generally not very hard with all the giggling and 'I'm hiding' that comes from under the table or blanket. If you say something like 'Oh where's he gone?' he very obligingly will tell you or come out and show you where he's hiding.

Balloon, Jack loves balloons. We usually play this one in the hall. We hit the balloon into the air back and forth to each other. There's one balloon that he's had for over a month now, the yellow one, it's still just as... balloony as ever, it's usually the balloon that we use because it's soft and floats well.

Then there's Drivers, this is Mario Kart Wii. I give him the steering wheel and then play a few games while he pretends to drive. He usually gets bored of it quite quickly but he demands it pretty regularly.

There are lots of other games we play, most of which involve tickling or me swinging him around by his ankles for long periods of time. But none of these have names. It's exhausting but it keeps me in shape so I don't mind.

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