Monday, 20 April 2009

Jack List

First: Doggy
Biggest: Diplidocus
Newest: Dangerous
Just can't get right: Mook (milk)
Doesn't say anymore: Appum, Boppom.
Most Common: Again
Strangest: Fop. He'll walk around the house saying Fop, Fop, Fop. If you ask him what he's doing he'll tell you, "Foppin'"

Funniest: When trying to place a curtain ring back on its rail. When he found he couldn't reach he said. "Can't quite reach, I need my step." he went and got his step "Ooh, not quite. I need a ladder."
Strangest: He said his soup was too dangerous.
Most Common: I don't want...
Most Intellectual: "Daddy are you OK? You look really tired, maybe you should take a nap."

An Argument:
Jack - Get me my Frog.
Mommy - It's not a frog it's a Dinosaur.
Jack - It's not a dinosaur.
Mommy - Yes it is it's a dinosaur.
Jack - It's not.
Mommy - Its a dinosaur.
Jack - It's not, it's a frog.
Mommy - Fine then it's a frog. Here's your frog then.
Jack - It's not, it's a dinosaur.

TV Show: Roary the Racing Car.
Game: The Fishes Game (plastic fish with magnetic poles)
Activity: Being swung around, or Chasing People.
Meal: Sausage and Beans
Breakfast: Lions (cocoa crispies)
Dessert: Ice Cream
Snack: Cereal bars. He calls them Big Snacks, always has.
Treat: Anything with Chocolate in it
Purple: Because it usually means chocolate.
Song: The Simon-James and Hill Introductory Jingle
Singer: Singing Henri
Place: Thomas Land
Person: Nanny.
Story: Monster at the end of this book. (thanks Mom)
Movie: Toy Story.
Toy: Sky and whatever is the newest.
Friend: Max
Girl: Meghan, but he really loves Mia just ask him.
Teddy: Pooh Bear
Time of Day: Snack Time

The Pirates ride at Drayton Manor, scared the life out of the poor kid. He told Nanny the next day that it was a real shock
Water in the face
Poo. He constantly stops and points at the poos on the ground when we walk the dog. It concerns him greatly
Dirty Hands
Jack before heading out to Drayton Manor. He insisted on the hat and glasses because 'The sun keeps brighting in my eyes.'